VigRX Plus

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Turns men into studs

Whether we want to admit it or not, us men are quite sensitive about our sexual performances, even though we try to conceal it and not let it bother us. You feel that you should be able to give your partner pleasure when having sex and if in any way possible, you want to make it a bit more than just pleasurable.

How does VigRX compare

Before we start comparing VigRX to its competition, we need to think about who the competition is. Sure, other natural male performance boosters are competition; there is no doubt about that. However, are some pharmaceutical drugs also competition, like Cialis or Viagra? They might be so we will touch upon these issues as well in this short comparison.


1. Is VigRX the same as Viagra?
No, it is not. In fact, other than they both aimed at men and that they have something to do with sex, these two products do not have that much in common, really. For instance, Viagra is a pharmaceutical drug while VigRX is a natural product. Viagra gives a man erection after he is aroused even if he has ED, VigRX cannot really do that. VigRX on the other hand can make the erections become bigger and harder over time; it can boost the libido and do many other things that Viagra cannot. But they are not the same in any way conceivable.