Retro Gaming of Denver Sale SCAM Is NOT Legit, Explained

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Watch out for the Retro Gaming of Denver sale scam on allmodern-sale com and retrogamingofdenver-sale com, neither of which are legit. Scammers are impersonating the legitimate and trustworthy store Retro Gaming of Denver in Colorado with ads on Facebook and Instagram that claim you can get amazing prices on gaming consoles and games. The real Retro Gaming of Denver addressed the sale scam on its website, saying that it looked like allmodern-sale com and retrogamingofdenver-sale com were probably coming from China. If you fell victim to the Retro Gaming of Denver sale scam, I recommend contacting your credit card company. Please do not call the real store, as they are likely being bombarded with phone calls. Help the store by making purchases on their real and official website. Thank you for watching.

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