Legit or Scam? ✅|❌- Farmskins.com 2020 Review #caseopening

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Claim $0.90 for FREE and open 3 “RAGE” or “DRAKE” Cases now! …
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Today we take a short look at the site Farmskins.com. I was using Farmskins a lot years ago and was really surprised getting pretty dope drops with multiple Knives, Covert Rifles and AWPs. But how is it going right now? Are they still legit? …

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⮞⮞ Research results/summary:
1. Drop quality: 4/10
Best experience with mid-priced cases, 1 of 5 cases was profit.

2. Deposit options: 4/10
No PayPal and Giftcards overpriced

3. Deposit duration/handling: 8/10
Quick Crypto deposits with no issues

4. Withdraw: 9/10
Quick Instand withdraw of Items to Steam inventory!

5. Features / Modes / Games: 6/10
Not that big variety of cases, nearly no Arena activity but daily FREE cases and events

Would i recommend using Farmskins? I cant say Yes ✅ or ❌ No for now until further tests, i will add some more money soon and try more stuff.

But my first impression is relatively positive👍, I have already had worse experiences on current top sites with high daily traffic in 2020. ✅


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