Is the Current Card App Worth it | Scam or Not

I’ve seen these ads a few times and very curious to see what sit about and how it actually works, didn’t get to much information so I decided to call directly.

Key Questions Answered
1. Customer service | a lot of I’ll call you back and unanswered emails | cases of 20 days no response
2. Cards arrive late: a month to arrive or pay 10bucks and get it in a week
3. Transfers can take 3-5 takes sometimes to post
4. Features: saves, Charity, Monitor, Spend
5. It seems like the parent can keep money in there wallet in the current app and then the tranfers are instant because the can verify it. But if its from a bank it’s the next business day if before 5pm or 3 days later if not.
*over 200,000 users I don’t know how many are free but even the basic should cost some money*

One of the main issues is dealing with a kid, that’s expecting instant gradification from doing a job or chore.

Alternitive Greenlight: I haven’t done research yet so just wait for that video

Basic and Premium Difference



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