DogeZilla is a community-driven project. We are a Memecoin + Utility in the crypto sphere. And we declared to disrupt the space with our DogeZilla Vault – Security to make crypto space safer for millions. There is no other coin or token that exist today on the crypto space that is more ambitious and aggressive than our team here at DogeZilla. Our community strength is unparalleled and we will vaporize all memecoins in our path with our Godzilla atomic breath!

Simply earn DogeZilla tokens by holding! 5% Holder Rewards are dispersed to all token holders relative to their holding percentages. Also 5% Liquidity keeps our token extremely liquid and healthy for many years to come! Be a HODL’r with us and earn more tokens on auto-pilot!
DogeZilla Vault was created to prevent the spread of scam tokens around the globe 🌎. Our Vault verification process allows developers to be doxxed privately and breeds trust in community.
Our contract has a proven track history from a CMC listed token with a moonshot of over 7,000,000%! We strive to follow suit and surpass their achievement!

All 63 functions found in our Contract are whitelisted functions and follow safety patterns and rug-proof tested passed. HODL with confidence!

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