CHAT AI Mining Airdrop Not Withdrawable? Waste of Time? Legit or SCAM?

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Is CHAT AI legit or scam? Or we have just been mining the wrong token all along?

CHATAI token listed and trading on exchanges: https://youtu.be/jhMBK8l9xM8

Here’s the explanation and answers provided by the core team via Twitter X:

Dear CHATAI users,

Many of you have raised questions regarding why CHAT tokens within the CHATAI mining account cannot yet be withdrawn, despite CHATAI’s listing on exchanges. Let us provide a patient explanation here:

1🧵/ ChatAI Platform Introduction:
ChatAI is a social and gaming platform driven by AI and developed on the SOLANA blockchain. The token mined in the CHATAI APP is named CHAT, which is currently not available for withdrawal.

2🧵/ Exchange-Listed CHATAI TOKEN:
The CHATAI TOKEN, which has been listed on exchanges, is the official game token released by CHATAI based on an AI model for our first game, “ChatAI Town”.

3🧵/ Usage of CHATAI TOKEN:
The CHATAI TOKEN (not CHAT) will be used for staking and earning within the “ChatAI Town” game, as well as for governance and voting in the game’s community. As the first gaming ecological application of CHATAI, “ChatAI Town” has distributed its game token as an airdrop reward to all members of the CHATAI community.

However, this does not mean that the CHAT currently being produced by CHATAI users can be withdrawn and converted into the “ChatAI Town” game token – the CHATAI TOKEN.
As a platform for socializing and gaming, CHATAI will launch and acquire more games and social products in the future, each with its governance token.

4🧵/ Future Vision and Airdrop Qualification:
Do you wish your CHAT to be withdrawn into more ecological governance tokens? In the near future, airdrop qualifications for each ecological governance token will consume the CHAT points obtained from mining.

This month, the CHATAI platform will collaborate deeply with CatGPT, which will allocate 20% of its tokens for activity airdrops to the CHATAI community and other major communities, with the remaining 80% to be distributed through an IDO. As a star MeMe token on the SOL chain, CatGPT will bring substantial benefits to the users of the CHATAI community.
Yet, this does not imply that the CHAT currently being mined by CHATAI users can be withdrawn as CatGPT’s MeMe governance token.

5🧵/ CHAT Points Empowerment:
The first ecological empowerment of CHAT points on the CHATAI platform is “ChatAI Town,” distributed as an airdrop reward to all CHATAI community members, without consuming the CHAT points in users’ accounts.
The second ecological empowerment of CHAT points is the MeMe token brought by our partner CatGPT, also distributed as an airdrop reward to all CHATAI community users, without depleting the CHAT points in their accounts.
This approach is because we understand CHATAI is on a path of innovation; amidst many doubts, we’ve decided to reserve more benefits for our users.

6🧵/ The Future of CHAT:
The token airdrops from each ecosystem cooperating with CHATAI will soon require the exchange of CHAT, with a total supply of 1.2 billion (while the game token of ChatAI Town – CHATAI TOKEN has a total supply of 125 million), ceasing production once fully mined. Meanwhile, CHATAI’s ecosystem will continuously unfold, with more sectors consuming the CHAT points in user CHATAI accounts.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we walk this innovative journey together💞

How to mine free chat AI token: https://youtu.be/hWBPaLbNrTs

ChatAI is a cutting-edge social product developed based on Artificial Intelligence technology, empowering individuals to create diverse versions of themselves through AI and build their parallel universes.

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